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Third/First-Person Shooter Character Controller


I developed this character controller with a primary focus on enhancing my technical and system design skills within Unreal Engine 5. My aim was to create an engaging and enjoyable character controller featuring a variety of unique weapons for players to wield. Drawing inspiration from successful titles such as Tom Clancy's The Division and Grand Theft Auto V, I meticulously designed and implemented this controller to deliver a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience.

Throughout this project, my overarching goal was to transform the initial concept into a fully functional system within the game engine. I conducted thorough research within the genre, evaluating existing controllers to discern what worked well and what could be improved. This iterative process allowed me to refine the design based on positive aspects from comparable controllers, ultimately seeing the project through to successful completion.

Design Breakdown/Development Blog


 Design Breakdown/Development Blog Document

  • Assumed dual responsibility for both design and technical implementation of the project

  • Spearheaded the development of gameplay systems, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience

  • Designed and created eight distinct guns, providing players with a diverse arsenal

  • Implemented three throwable weapon types to enhance tactical options in gameplay

  • Introduced a melee combat option for engaging in close-range encounters

  • Developed a responsive enemy AI that reacted dynamically to each weapon type

  • Crafted a compatible UI that seamlessly integrated with the entire weapons system, enhancing user interaction and experience.

Project Responsibilities



Project Goals

  • Design and develop an engaging shooter character controller for seamless integration into a game

  • Craft a diverse array of weapons, ensuring each aligns with a cohesive and enjoyable weapons system

  • Developed dynamic enemy AI to showcase the full spectrum of combat abilities

  • Enhanced engine implementation skills by building the character controller and systems from scratch in an empty Unreal Engine 5 project, showcasing proficiency in a full development cycle.

Weapon Showcase


Weapon Stat Table

Pistol Showcase

SMG Showcase

Assault Rifle Showcase

Shotgun Showcase

Sniper Rifle Showcase

Grenade Launcher Showcase

Rocket Launcher Showcase

Flamethrower Showcase

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