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The Diabolical Dr. Beansworth


For Global Game Jam 2024, over 48 hours, I devloped "The Diabolical Dr. Beansworth" a simple yet fun top-down shooter where you play as the supervillain Dr. Beansworth as he attempts to defeat the cops who are trying to send the escaped convict back to jail.

The theme for this Jam was "Make me laugh" and I also added on the diversifier "Full of beans" for a little extra challenge.  

The core loop of this game sees endless waves of various different enemies types charge the player while they fend them off using their bean gun.  Dr Beansworth is fuelled by baked beans they act as his health and his ammo so the player must carefully watch their beans and pick up more when they begin to run low.  Upon their death cops will either drop more beans or donuts which can be used to buy upgrades throughout the game.

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Project Responsibilities

  • Spearheaded game design and production within a challenging 48-hour timeframe

  • Designed and developed the character controller and mechanics of the game aiming for maximum game feel and fun gameplay experience

  • Scripted an engaging gameplay loop utilizing Unreal Engine 5 blueprints

  • Designed 3 unique enemy types to challenge the player throughout the course of the game


  • Successfully produce a fully playable game from inception to completion within a challenging 48-hour timeframe

  • Make sure the game scope was small in order to develop a polished game within the timeframe 

  • Create a replayable game that players would want to return to to try and set a higher score.

  • Upload the fully functional game to, ensuring minimal bugs and issues for a seamless player experience.

Project Goals


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