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SK.AI.TER is an exciting third-person cyberpunk skater shooter survival game that invites players to explore an open city on a hoverboard. You'll perform cool tricks and stunts while dealing with swarms of CORPO drones. The game keeps it simple – the more tricks you do, the more points you get from drone kills, adding some strategy to the fun. It's a mix of fast action, hoverboarding, and gunplay mechanics, where the goal is to survive and create chaos as much chaos as you can.

Right now, SK.AI.TER is a playable demo that lets you cruise through Lexington City, pulling off awesome stunts and causing mayhem. In the demo, you've got 5-10 minutes to score points by doing tricks, increasing your multiplier, and taking out drones and collectables. The game ends by showing your total havoc score – it's all about having a good time and seeing how much chaos you can create.

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  • Oversaw Game Design, Level Design, and Engine Implementation responsibilities

  • Spearheaded the development of all gameplay mechanics and systems

  • Produced the narrative and subtle storytelling elements featured within the game

  • Led User Interface Design and Implementation efforts

  • Facilitated weekly playtest sessions for valuable feedback collection

  • Worked on general visual scripting tasks throughout the project

Project Responsibilities


  • Successfully craft a fully playable 5-10 minute demo to exhibit at Expo Tees Industry Showcase Event

  • Develop an engaging game with substantial replayability, fostering sustained player interest

  • Design and implement mechanics that seamlessly integrate hoverboarding and shooting, ensuring a cohesive gameplay experience

  • Formulate an entertaining level, strategically incorporating numerous skateable locations while catering to both gunplay and drone combat elements.

Project Goals


Design Documentation




My Co-Developer, Jake Richards (Technical/Environment Artist), and I were honoured with an invitation to the Teesside University showcase event, ExpoTees, where we presented SK.AI.TER to diverse professionals from various disciplines within the games industry.

The event concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing outstanding artefacts, and I was fortunate to receive the "Best Game & Indie Design" award. This recognition is a testament to the design and technical contributions I made to SK.AI.TER.


SK.AI.TER Early Development Footage


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