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Knight Of Lara


Embark on an enchanting journey with "Knight Of Lara" into the magical realm of Larathorpe, a land that has thrived in peace under a benevolent king. However, as the kingdom faces the challenge of choosing a successor after the king's demise, the tranquillity shatters. Hunter and his estranged brother, Jude, are selected by the people, but Jude succumbs to the allure of dark magic, seizing control and plunging the kingdom into chaos. Now, Hunter must navigate this once-peaceful land, seeking a way to save Larathorpe from Jude's malevolent rule.

Developed during my summer break after completing my second year of University, "Knight Of Lara" is a Top-Down Hack 'N' Slash Game. Players engage in dynamic combat and puzzle-solving, unravelling the narrative across five chapters. Each chapter offers a unique setting, diverse enemies, engaging puzzles, and challenging bosses, ensuring an immersive and fast-paced gaming experience.

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  • Orchestrated the development of a complete playable game, overseeing every stage from inception to completion

  • Crafted five distinct levels, each featuring unique puzzles, enemy encounters, and challenging boss fights

  • Prototyped and developed game mechanics utilizing Unreal Engine blueprints

  • Elevate the game through detailed polishing, including UI design and implementation, optimization, and rigorous playtesting

Project Responsibilities


  • Conceptualize and execute the design and development of a comprehensive game, enhancing proficiency in the game development field

  • Strengthen expertise in Unreal Engine, with a particular focus on programming and advancing technical skills

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the game development pipeline, culminating in the successful release of the completed project

  • Crafted an engaging game narrative with whimsical elements, incorporating enjoyable mechanics and challenging boss fights for an enriching player experience.

Project Goals


Knight Of Lara Chapter Playthroughs


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