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Green Arrow: Shadows of Star City Games Design Documentation


Recognizing the significance of design documentation in a game designer's role, I dedicated efforts to enhance my skills by creating a comprehensive design document for "Green Arrow: Shadows of Star City." This project centres around one of my favourite comic book characters, drawing inspiration from both the Green Arrow comic books and the popular TV show.


"Green Arrow: Shadows of Star City" is conceptualized as an open-world beat-em-up game, influenced by successful superhero titles such as the Arkham series and Spider-Man. The design document not only pays homage to these iconic games but also introduces a fresh twist to the superhero and beat 'em up genres. By combining elements from both comic books and TV show, the game promises a unique and engaging experience for fans, exemplifying my dedication to pushing the boundaries of established genres while maintaining reverence for their roots.

Read The Games Design Document


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