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A Farmers Revenge: A Skyrim Inspired Level


"A Farmer's Revenge" is a captivating quest and level set in the Skyrim universe, unfolding a century after the game's main events. The narrative unfolds in Saranhold, a newly developed hold situated north of Riften. Players assume the role of Istiem, a local farmer seeking vengeance against Thalmor mercenaries who ravaged his farm, leading him on a quest for justice after the Jarl's refusal to intervene.

Saranhold, the expansive and populated open level, introduces numerous Points of Interest (POIs) and quest locations, offering players a rich and immersive environment to explore. The landscape teems with both NPCs and fauna, fostering interactive and engaging encounters.

The project serves as a testament to my commitment to non-linear level design, a skill I aimed to develop throughout the duration of the project. Crafting this unique storyline and dynamic environment in Skyrim allowed me to expand my capabilities in a new and challenging direction.

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Design Documentation


Level Design Breakdown Document

Level Design Document

Level Reference Document

  • Spearheaded the design of the game's level and quest, ensuring a cohesive and engaging player experience

  • Contributed to the creation, implementation, and iterative refinement of the level's terrain

  • Prototyped the quest's gameplay pass, Using Unreal Engine 4 blueprints

  • Executed the construction of the game world, involving Skyrim World Geography Creation, Fauna AI, and Civilian NPCs

  • Crafted narrative elements, including dialogue and environmental storytelling, to enhance the overall immersive experience

Project Responsibilities


Project Goals

  • Enhance proficiency in the Level Design discipline through the creation of an open-world quest

  • Construct a playable quest that strikes a balance between familiarity with Skyrim and a distinctive identity

  • Prioritize the development of an immersive world and level, encouraging players to explore and engage

  • Strengthen understanding of open-world level design and comprehensive level design theory through practical application.


POI/ Quest Location Showcase


In-Game Screenshots Of The Level


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